How NOT to look like Santa’s stand-in this holiday season…


How do we food lovers indulge and have fun without paying the price of the dreaded holiday pounds at the end of the year? My New Year’s Eve little black dress will be VERY unforgiving should I go too far.

I decided to call on my dear friend and celebrity trainer Christine Hazelton to give us some tips.  Chris whips people like Matt Damon, Dane Cook, Sonya Walger, Thomas Jane, and yours truly into camera-ready shape right here in Los Angeles.

Here’s her advice for all of us:

1. Think eighty/twenty. Eighty percent of the time challenge yourself and make good choices, and twenty percent of the time allow yourself to color outside of the lines. Moderation is the key to long term success.

2. Eat slowly and stop when you feel ALMOST full, rather than eating until you feel “stuffed.”

3. Stop before you eat something and ask yourself. Is this worth it? Is this the best choice I can make right now?

4. Eat healthy before you go to a holiday party and decide that nothing tastes as good as being lean feels.  Keep repeating that to yourself.

5. Decide how you would like to look and weigh (body fat percent). Act as if you already weigh that amount NOW. How do you feel? How do you eat? How do you interact?

6. Make a contract with yourself and have a friend or your spouse sign it. Commit to certain rules for a given period of time -like having only a couple of bites of dessert at Christmas parties and/or completing a certain number of workouts over the holiday season. At the end of the contract period give yourself a reward (not food obviously) for completing the contract successfully. Only give yourself the reward if you complete the commitment.

7. Make a goal for January 1st rather than waiting to make a New Years Resolution. Write it down and place it somewhere visible along with a list of goals that you’ve accomplished in the past.  If you’ve done it before, you can do it again!

8. If you hear yourself say “Fu&% it!” when about to eat something, do the exact opposite of what you’re about to do!

Chris is also the creator of the amazing phone app BODYFATE: a fitness game that entertains and challenges you while getting you into the best shape of your life!  It’s a killer workout you can do anywhere, anytime.  I use it when I can’t get to the gym and I even use it at the gym as my “personal trainer” to help me with my workout.

Don’t let the characters in this cartoon fool you- this is one ass-kicking circuit workout! Featured in The New York Times, Men’s Fitness and ABC News, this app is like having your own personal trainer programmed right into your phone.

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