Thanksgiving 2016

Hey Gang,

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a while.  Motherhood has been taking up my time and I wouldn’t have it any other way at the moment.  But Thanksgiving IS my favorite holiday of the year and I’ve never been more thankful and grateful about life as I am in 2016.  I’m excited to be in the kitchen with my family, many who will be trickling in from out of town for all the feasts and festivities at my house.


With a 10-month old on my hip, this year is all about keeping things simple, cooking together and delegating a lot more than I usually do.

I’ve ordered a 19-pound BN Ranch Heritage Turkey from Gwen Butcher Shop (so happy to find them after my beloved Lindy and Grundy shut down a couple years ago!) which I’ll be dry-brining on Monday.  My mom and I will tackle Wild Mushroom and Spinach Bread Stuffing, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and warm rolls and butter.  For desserts, we’ll make The Best Pumpkin Pie along with my Apple Pie with Cinnamon Sauce recipe that debuts in this week’s Soap Opera Digest Magazine.

img_1796My friend The Foodinista pointed me in the direction of a new recipe to try: Mushroom Thyme Gravy– perfect for the vegetarians at my table.  And she gives a great tip of making it ahead and keeping it warm in a thermos-GENIUS! (Check out her website- she’s got some clever finds for Turkey Day.)


My dearest friend Steve (and Jemma’s Godfather) who’s been at the Collins Thanksgiving Table for over 15 years, will be taking care of sweet potatoes, artichokes gratin and a cranberry dish.

And if you’re looking for some last minute inspiration, type “Thanksgiving” into the search engine on this site to find all kinds of great ideas for your holiday meal.

lucy-photobomb-apple-pieAnd I always love to hear from all of you.  Find me on Twitter and Instagram and let me know what you’re cooking… Send pics!!!


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