jessicahi! I’m Jessica Collins. Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been an actress for over 20 years (good lord!) and have played everything from a hooker (with a heart of gold of course!) to a 4 yr old alien (when I was 30!) and everything in between.

One of the ways I’ve stayed grounded in my crazy industry is through my connection with cooking. I find it very therapeutic and it brings me great joy to share this passion with friends and family, and now hopefully you.

Always looking to further myself as a chef, I enrolled and proudly graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. After which, I spent time in a professional test kitchen, “worked the line” in a fancy restaurant, and even did a little catering. But my favorite place to cook, like most people, is in my own home where I’m known as “Chef Jess.”

I’ve started this blog as a place where I can share my intense love for all things food. There’ll be a lot of recipes — some of them mine and others I find along the way, and also tidbits on travel, restaurants, friends and my sweet dog Lucy who’s usually found hanging with me in the kitchen.