Guinness Ice Cream Float

Drinking Guinness is pretty much a requirement for the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  Here’s a really fun way to incorporate it into a super- easy dessert!  A creamy ice cream float perfect for your over-21 friends.

Guinness Ice Cream Float

Makes 4 servings

Ice cream floats usually come in big, guilty serving sizes but I like to prepare them in a small glass or a tea cup.


4 rounded scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 12-15 ounce bottle or can of Guinness stout


Place 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream in each of the 4 small glasses or tea cups.

Slowly pour Guinness stout over them.

Serve immediately.

*Feel free to make this treat your own!  Some ideas…  Substitute chocolate ice cream for vanilla.  Add whipped cream, cocoa powder or hot fudge on the top.  Serve with chocolates, malt balls or shortbreads on the side.  And of course, for your UNDER-21 friends, use Root Beer or Ginger Beer over the ice cream.

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