Last month, having a few days off from work, I hopped in the car with Lucy for a last minute getaway to one of my favorite places in the world… which happens to be only 90 minutes away!

San Ysidro Ranch is nestled in the Montecito Foothills between The Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  Rich with incredible history, this legendary hideaway is where Vivien Leigh and Sir Lawrence Olivier exchanged vows and the setting for John and Jackie Kennedy’s honeymoon.

Private cottages are scattered around the 500 acres of unspoiled coastal landscape where fragrant magnolia and orange blossoms perfume the countryside.  Here’s our cottage- The Pine…

To say the Ranch is pet friendly is an understatement.  This was all wating for Lucy in our cottage when we arrived- complete with a homemade dog biscuit with her name written in her favorite kind of ink…peanut butter!

Just in time for lunch at the Stonehouse Restaurant, right on the premise, I chose SYR’s “Famous Chicken Tortilla Soup” with farmer’s market avocado, organic grilled chicken and cheddar cheese topped with tortilla crisps.  To drink, a “Gentleman’s Lemonade” made with Mitcher’s Rye, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup.

Just steps away from the Ranch, are 17 miles of hiking trails which Lu and I took full advantage of…

Back from a 2 hour hike, just in time for Cocktail Hour, you can see what I did to a Blood Orange Margarita (the signature cocktail at the ranch) and a jar of Santa Barbara Olive Company Salsa!  Afterward I did what any of you would have done too… I hopped in my private jacuzzi to relax.

Lucy was pretty dirty after running through the creek on our hike, so into the shower she went where I gave her a bath with the Bvlgari shampoo in the shower.  This is her with no conditioner and after a few hours air-drying.  Look how curly my girl gets!

Later in the evening, dinner at the Stonehouse Restaurant- dining under the romantic gaze of Southern California’s stars with a wood-burning fireplace and heated stone flooring providing warmth and comfort.

For my entre, I chose another SYR favorite dish- the House-Made Fettuccini Carbonara with  Iberico Ham, Organic Poached Egg, White Truffle Oil and shaved Black Truffles on top.  For dessert, a Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato with the fresh mint picked from the on site Chef’s Garden.

Back at the cottage, bedtime for Lu and her pal Lambchop…

In the morning, a pancake breakfast ouside at the main house and freshly baked dog biscuits for Lucy.  This was our view…

…followed by a walk through the organic Chef’s Garden where herbs and vegetables are grown for the restaurant.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone at San Ysidro Ranch for your kindness and flawless attention to every detail.  You made this an amazing getaway to remember.

Because sometimes the art of doing nothing- can be everything.

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