Thanksgiving Recipes: The Desserts!

This may be the best part of Thanksgiving!  I make my desserts the night before so I don’t have to stress about them on the big day.  Here are my two favorites.

The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe

No dessert is more traditional than this one on Thanksgiving.  It took me a few years to tweak this to perfection but it’s the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever tasted.

Bourbon Apple Crisp Recipe

This is the first dish I featured on my cooking show “Sugared” last year.  I created it for bakers of all levels and the result is a truly amazing dessert.  There’s a lot of room for error in this one so if this is your first time baking, give it a try- you won’t be disappointed.

You can watch the episode of “Sugared” here for a step-by-step of this recipe…

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  1. both recipes look delicious – thanks for sharing!

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