The Lady Lawyer Pad…

Those of you who watch me on The Young and the Restless recently learned that my character Avery Bailey Clark lives in some pretty sweet digs in Genoa City, complete with a kitchen that would be envied by any chef!  Here’s a behind-the-scenes tour with me and our amazing Production Designer Bill Hultstrom.

3 Responses to The Lady Lawyer Pad…

  1. David says:

    It is about time, that the young and restless show your hid talents you are pro master chef. anytime u come to ottawa ontario canada. please come and cook for me. take care Jessic
    see u soon

  2. Barbara Butler says:

    Seeing Avery’s loft is such a treat. I was hoping R&R would incorporate some of your world into Avery’s. Perfect!

  3. Kimberly Field says:

    I love that we have a new set on Y&R and her being a cook is great fun. On a show that the women seem to pride ithemselves for not cooking or having any hobbies for that matter. I love that Avery uses her cooking to share and make others feel good which is really what cooking is all about! Great new addition!! Been watching this show my whole life so have seen all the sets, this one is nice!

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