Traditional Irish Coffee

Arguably the best drink to come out of St Patrick’s Day, this hot beverage is perfect to serve after a big Irish meal or as a fun nightcap.  Strong coffee is sweetened with sugar and Irish whiskey, then topped with frothy whipped cream which sits above the coffee.  The idea is to drink the hot coffee (which has a nice kick from the whiskey) through the cooled cream.

Traditional Irish Coffee

Makes 1 serving


Boiling water

3/4 cup of hot, strong coffee

1 teaspoon brown sugar

3 tablespoons Irish whiskey

1/4 cup heavy cream or whipping cream, lightly beaten with a whisk but still pourable (a little stiffer than a milk froth but not quite as stiff as whipped cream)


Pour boiling water in an 8 ounce coffee cup or glass to preheat it.  Let it sit for at least a minute, then pour the water out.

Pour hot coffee in coffee cup or glass.

Stir in brown sugar until dissolved.  Stir in Irish Whiskey.

Using a tablespoon, gently spoon heavy or whipping cream on top of the coffee.  Do not stir. The trick is for the cream to float on top of the coffee, allowing you to sip the coffee through the cream.

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