Juggling the schedules of a toddler, 2 teens, a husband and a canine daughter (oh and myself!) takes some serious organization. Three kids in three different schools, doctor visits, playdates… you fellow parents know what I’m taking about. I haven’t forgotten an appointment (or a child) yet and I give a lot of credit to the wonderful Sandra Boynton’s yearly calendar for keeping us all on track. You can find it HERE on for just $7.99. Such a great find!


As you can see in the picture to the left, there’s a grid with slots for up to 5 family members to list busy schedules. The included stickers are fab for decorating special dates and I also use them as “rewards” for my little one for things like taking medicine, clean up time or other small accomplishments. It’s an adorable and fun way to keep everyone on schedule.

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