This is one of the first cookie recipes I remember making with my mom at Christmastime. And now I’m making this classic Betty Crocker original with my own daughter. Maybe some of you remember it too?


Betty Crocker has changed the recipe a bit on their own website, causing quite an uproar with nostalgic fans. For me, this cookie must have almond extract in it, just as the original recipe calls for. That particular flavoring takes me right back to my 80’s childhood.

For all of my fellow purists, below is a photo of the recipe from Page 37 in the original cookbook! It works great “as is” but I made two minor modifications I’ll share:

1) I used all butter (instead of 1/2 shortening) because I like my cookies to have more of a buttery taste.

2) I made my cookies larger by using 1 1/2 ounces (the size of a golfball) total dough for each cookie. It made 16 cookies.

What are your favorite cookies to make during the holidays? And which ones bring back childhood memories for you? Send me a note in the COMMENTS section below.